How to find and recruit affiliates?

Author Topic: How to find and recruit affiliates?  (Read 2842 times)

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How to find and recruit affiliates?
« on: 04-22-2016, 23:03:23 »

Hope this is the right forum to post my question. I need some advice for my site. I have a web hosting site and wanted to extend our marketing by recruiting affiliates for my hosting packages. I have no experience on how to find and recruit affiliates? can you share any tips to recruit affiliate marketers for my sites?


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Re: How to find and recruit affiliates?
« Reply #1 on: 04-27-2016, 06:30:53 »
Unfortunately, I don't have any experience in this question, but I can recommend to read this article where you can find description in details about how to find and recruit affiliates!
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Re: How to find and recruit affiliates?
« Reply #2 on: 07-14-2016, 01:20:25 »
Make Your Affiliate Program More Visible
Invite Networkers of Your Niche
Write Clear Terms of Your Program
Offer an Attractive Commission
Have an Amazing Product
Join Affiliate Communities
Do Work for Affiliates
Give Gifts to New Potential Affiliates
Recruit Affiliates by Doing Pay per Click Campaigns
Participate at Affiliate Events

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How to find and recruit affiliates?
« Reply #3 on: 07-19-2016, 03:31:11 »
Bloggers are often the most sought-after affiliates in the affiliate marketing industry. This is because bloggers have unique content and targeted, loyal audiences, which drives solid conversion rates and new customers. According to statistics compiled by BlogHer, a publishing network of female bloggers, 87 percent of consumers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blog.

The challenges involved in working with bloggers are identifying which bloggers to recruit, how to invite them into your affiliate program, and how to structure payment. I will address each of these challenges below.

Identifying Bloggers to Recruit As Affiliates

Finding blogs with a relevant target demographic is simple. First, determine the target audience you want to go after. Be specific. Conducting a search for blogs that target, say, “women” will yield an unwieldy number. But search for blogs that target, for example, “moms who sew” will yield an actionable list of recruits. To do the search, you can simply use Google. There are also paid tools such as Linkdex and The benefit of paid tools is that they will provide some sort of reach and engagement metric that quickly enables you to prioritize your recruiting activities.

If you search on Google to identify potential recruits, evaluate each of the results individually. Here are the evaluation criteria I use when determining whether to recruit a blogger into an affiliate program.

Frequency of posts. How often are new posts added to the site? Ideally, you will see about three to four posts every week.
Date of most recent post. The most recent post should be within the past few days.
Relevance of blog. Check the content to ensure that the blog is relevant to your needs. For example, if you search “crafting supplies” to find blogs that focus on beading or painting, your search may also return blogs related to wood crafting, or watercraft.
Audience engagement. Do posts receive multiple comments? Are there social sharing tools in place? How many times has the article been shared to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter?

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Re: How to find and recruit affiliates?
« Reply #4 on: 10-21-2016, 02:37:41 »
To recruit affiliates, first of all you need to think like an affiliate. There’s no point in trying to recruit affiliates if they’re disappointed when they visit your website and examine your affiliate product and your affiliate agreement.

If possible, hire an experienced, successful affiliate as your affiliate manager – someone who knows what affiliates want and can talk the same language as affiliates. It’s disconcerting for an affiliate to talk to an affiliate manager and find out that he’s never built an affiliate site.

If I meet an affiliate manager who’s like that, I immediately think, “Can I trust what this person tells me?” Encourage your affiliate manager to build affiliate sites and get first-hand experience.

Pay your affiliate manager performance bonuses. Give him/her a strong incentive to help your affiliates achieve sales.

When you’re seeing things from the affiliate’s point of view, you’ll start by creating a superb product which affiliates will be keen to promote. You’ll pay the best commissions in your industry, use tracking software which affiliates are comfortable with, and you’ll pay commissions fast – preferably on the first or second of the month. You’ll provide affiliates with a range of tools to help them promote your product. You’ll ask your affiliates what they want and do your best to provide it.

If possible, you’ll pay lifetime commissions or residual commissions.

You’ll also have tested and tweaked your website so that it has the highest conversion rate you can achieve. Serious affiliates hate being used as guinea pigs. So get your conversion rate up as high as you can BEFORE you start recruiting affiliates.

Before launching your program to the masses, you’ll probably want to test your affiliate program quietly with a few affiliates so that you’re 100% sure everything is working smoothly.

When you do all these things, you increase the chances that serious affiliates will not only join your program but also stay loyal to it. You’ll also find that affiliates will recommend your program to their friends.

Once you’ve polished the basics, you’re ready to find and recruit new affiliates.

First of all, here’s a really important tip…


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