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Search Engine Optimization

Web development and Programming languages

Welcome to the SEO Wiki — the wiki for sharing information on the emerging practice of search engine optimization, web development and programming languages. Share your knowledge about SEO, web design, programming skills and other Internet, computer and World Wide Web related practices.

Navigating the site using the Categories page

The present Main Page can be used as a fixed point. All pages on this Wiki carry a link to the Main Page (in the upper left corner; the logo is also clickable).

Most of the pages on the Wiki are classified according to category. The Categories page provides a structured way to access these pages.

What is unique about this site?

There are many web sites dedicated to seo. However, this site has the following exclusive qualities:

  • In contrast to usual web sites, it is possible for anyone to contribute easily to its contents. Therefore, the site has the potential to become more comprehensive than a site maintained by a single web-master. Contributions can be real info content, or links to material elsewhere on the Net.
  • In contrast to traditional technical publishing, you can add small bits of info - you do not have to wait, until you have prepared a complete technical paper.
  • The information compiled here is archived in a structured way. In addition, you can add information on findings that are only of interest for a very small audience.
  • Please, do not forget that the main subjects of this wiki are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, website promotion, web development, web design, programming languages, operating systems and all themes related to Internet and computer on the professional level. So, do not add articles or other resources which are not associated with these subjects.
  • Attention for spammers! Your edits will be removed immediately. Your accounts and IPs will be blocked forever.

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