Keeping database safe

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Keeping database safe
« on: 05-23-2010, 17:41:23 »
How to keep database safe for a smf forum website?

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Re: Keeping database safe
« Reply #1 on: 10-07-2011, 22:38:59 »
By the help of security like password...................

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Re: Keeping database safe
« Reply #2 on: 12-10-2011, 08:23:55 »
If you're using 3rd party modifications, check them to ensure that user input is correctly sanitized (mysql_real_escape_string())
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Re: Keeping database safe
« Reply #3 on: 02-29-2012, 05:58:15 »
maintain abstraction level properly and use passwords for better security .

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Re: Keeping database safe
« Reply #4 on: 08-26-2022, 05:27:03 »
You have various choices for the gathering support. The principal thing to do is to get to your SMF establishment as overseer. Click on the Admin button from the fundamental menu and afterward select the Maintenance tab and Forum Maintenance.

Access SMF Maintenance

The principal choice you can use for the support of your site is called Routine. It will offer the accompanying:

Really look at all documents against current adaptations - Running this undertaking will let you know which of your records should be updated
Find and fix any mistakes - Running this assignment will look for any potential blunders in your data set. Normally, these mistakes are brought about by ill-advised transformations, adjustments turned out badly, or information debasement. It is really smart to check this sometimes, for good measure. Relate all discussion sums and measurements - Running this undertaking will describe the quantity of posts and subjects in each board, the quantity of individual messages every part has, and a couple of different measurements
Void out irrelevant logs - Running this errand exhausts a couple of the less significant log tables. This isn't required, except if you truly need to save data set space
Void document store - Running this undertaking will discharge out the records created by SMF for reserving

Routine Maintenance in SMF

The second tab for the SMF support is for your Database. It offers the accompanying choices:

Enhance all tables to further develop execution - Running this assignment will dispose of above, really making the tables more modest in size and your discussion quicker! Note that it makes SMF train the data set to endeavor to re-examine and once again enhance the tables in your data set, so it's anything but smart to run this again and again, on the grounds that it can require a long investment
Reinforcement Database - This region permits you to save a duplicate of the multitude of posts, settings, individuals, and other data in your gathering to an exceptionally huge record. For bigger gatherings, this reinforcement will most likely be unable to reinforcement your whole data set, in which case you might need to reinforcement your information by different means, for example, utilizing phpmyadmin, or some other data set reinforcement utility
Convert HTML-substances to UTF-8 characters - Running this errand will change over your personality set for both your information base and information to UTF-8. This ought to be run with alert, as it isn't helpful in all cases. After clicking this connection you will get more data on the impacts of changing over completely to UTF-8. SMF will endeavor to distinguish your personality set for your information, however assuming that you realize your information character set is not quite the same as the one which is recognized, you can transform it utilizing the dropdown menu close to Data character set. This choice is just accessible in the event that SMF distinguishes a viable data set rendition

Data set Maintenance in SMF

The third choice for the upkeep of your SMF site is for the Members. You can do the accompanying:

Reattribute User Posts - This capability relegates a visitor's presents on a particular enrolled client in view of the email address or the username used to post
Eliminate Inactive Members - This capability permits the expulsion of idle clients. Conceivable to erase all clients have not signed in for a characterized timeframe, or who have not enacted the record. It is additionally conceivable to choose to prune only at least one membergroups

Individuals Maintenance in SMF

The last choice for the support of SMF is for the Topics. You can:

Eliminate Old Posts - This permits administrators to eliminate old points that poor person been posted in for the predefined number of days. It is feasible to limit the presents on erase by choosing from eliminating any sort of subject, moved point sees, or locked points. The choice But don't count stickied points forestalls the evacuation of subjects which have been stickied. Moreover, growing the All Boards connect, and checking sheets, will guarantee that subjects will be eliminated exclusively from those sheets which have been chosen. If it's not too much trouble, note that this is a manual interaction, so it won't be rehashed naturally. Move Topics - This permits you to move every one of the subjects in a single board to another

Subjects Maintenance in SMF

Stage 2 Scheduled Tasks
SMF accompanies its own form of a scheduler. This is called booked assignments. The discussion accompanies a few undertakings introduced naturally, yet you might have a more noteworthy number, contingent upon the customizations you have introduced. SMF's planned errands depend on individuals visiting your discussion. In the event that you have a bustling gathering, the errands will for the most part be run on time. In the event that you don't have a bustling gathering, the undertakings will be run the following time somebody visits your discussion.

Assignments are coordinated by task name, next due, consistency, and empowered. There is additionally one more segment for run now which permits you to choose errands to be taken off rather than their next due time. The errand name shows the name and a short depiction of the undertaking, as well as a connection to alter the assignment. Next due gives you a period in view of the server's set season of when this errand will be executed. Routineness is the way frequently the undertaking will run when empowered. Empowered is a check box which will empower or incapacitate the errand.

The main choice that you have is known as the Scheduled Tasks. By choosing the assignment's name on the Scheduled Tasks screen, you will be brought to the alter window. This is where you can change data about the undertakings. Keep in mind, all times depend on the server time. The choices you have are:

Task name - The name of the errand. Underneath the name is a short depiction of the errand
Span - How frequently the assignment ought to be run
Begin time - Time the primary occasion of the day ought to begin (hours:minutes)
Empowered - Enable this assignment to be run

Booked Tasks in SMF

The subsequent choice is for the Task Log. It will list the logs of the undertakings that have been executed. The rundown makes sense of which errand was run (task name), when it was run (time run), and how lengthy it took to run it (time taken). Observe that all times depend on the server's time, which might be not the same as the time settings for the part seeing the log.

Task Log Maintenance in SMF

Congrats! We have succesfully inspected how to keep up with our SMF application and you will actually want to do as such all alone for better execution of your site.

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Re: Keeping database safe
« Reply #5 on: 09-20-2022, 05:51:23 »
keep up with deliberation level appropriately and use passwords for better security .


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