Ways to make e-commerce site SEO friendly

Author Topic: Ways to make e-commerce site SEO friendly  (Read 3091 times)

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Ways to make e-commerce site SEO friendly
« on: 08-16-2013, 23:21:15 »
You are surrounded by top competition around, and you need to make your business counting high all the time. A lot of strategies, techniques and ideas bringing more stress to your work culture. A step which can minimize all these issues to a greater extent would be search engine optimization for your website. It's high time to adapt the recreational and dynamic ideas for e-commerce owners. E-commerce is laid on the foundation of various changes hampering the market every time, and so the owners need to be open for the abrupt changes. A lot of research is associated which kills the precious time of the strategy planners, and lot can be gained if the work is assigned to an SEO firm, so sheer focus remains on other departments.

As an ecommerce and SEO specialist, we at SOI, work hard to produce quality results for our clients. We put together a lot of things that can be done before and after an ecommerce website is launched to generate a high sales figure. To achieve a highly user-interactive and flexible site, you undoubtedly need to make it SEO friendly. The features are tremendous and provide high accessibility for a flourishing business. SEO friendly websites is proficient, no matter you are running a small online store or a huge online venture. The specifications possessing by an SEO friendly ecommerce website are:

1. Hosting of domain:

One of the key feature to achieve is a suitable domain which guarantees reliability and moreover is durable,expiry need to be considered as the domain expires in a short span of time are not considered trustworthy.

2. Domain name selection:

A proper domain name is what keeps your website updated in the search engine. A keyword based domain name is considered to be more effective, but a domain name possessing a brand value keeps the website on priority basis in the searches. Earlier keyword based domain name were proved to be vital for ranking but after google's EMD updates, it is not the case anymore.

3. Site speed:

Every time a visitor landing to your site, must hold a good experience to revisit the site. The site need to be exclusive and most important is the speed the website is processing with. More the time it will take to open, more it kills the time of the valuable customer. So, the site speed is also one feature to attract the visitors.

4. Make the content attractive(meta tags)

The tags and titles comprising the content need to hold the visitor' s eyes, on the basis of its highlights and uniqueness. Meta tags are important for your website as it will raise the searches in the search engine. The ecommerce owners can provide information to the clients online through these meta tags, and it can be included in the <head> of the website.

5. Google webmaster tool:

A confirmation by google itself is also important as it makes the website authenticated and moreover a simple code confirmation by the tool google webmaster can make your site enlisted and detects the errors and malware if any.

6. Excessive use of graphics:

It is a fact that what soothes our eyes, we tend to stick to that. The indulgence of more graphics in an ecommerce website through SEO helps to get the targeted mass. However, the latest tools are also used to provide to give that graphical outlook.

7. Page structures and navigation:

Page structure can affect page optimisation a lot. It includes your language, ease of use, and navigation within your website. Two functions are accomplished by a well laid website structure and website navigation system- improves user operability and enables search engine to show up the site properly.

8. Friendly URLs:

A short and the most relevant URL is the beat URL. A great job is one if a user is able to identify the content of a page with its URL then your work is almost done.

9. Optimize flash based websites:

Search engines read accessibility contents, hyperlinks, texts, as well as dynamic contents from flash files, hence it is necessary to optimise flash contents. A search engine follows hyperlinks for finding the new content, preference is given to HTML hyperlinks and java scripts.

10. Social networks:

For ecommerce site holders, it is quintessential to possess social sharing buttons on their websites so that their products can easily be shared among the social circle around. It is highly accessible tool to promote your brand on a social platform.

Therefore, SEO friendly site has more of upbringings to indulge your website with and present a fine structure of your ecommerce firm online. To beat the competition is important and success amongst your rivalries is the key for a flourishing business.
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Re: Ways to make e-commerce site SEO friendly
« Reply #1 on: 07-15-2015, 02:31:29 »
yes. If owners of eCommerce business want on the top of search engine so it is a time to adopt something dynamic. Running a successful eCommerce business in this competitive market is not  easy. You should look for some SEO friendly features to make your e-store successful.
Choose Brand Domain Name for your site, by this your customer can esaly find you.
Domain hosting is also an essential point when it comes to develop an SEO friendly eCommerce site.
Meta tags are an important part of your website. Through these Tags- eCommerce woners can easily provide complete information to their clients about their products.
To make your eCommerce website SEO friendly, it is important that your site has a search-engine friendly navigation structure so that your customers will find it easy to navigate to different pages of your site.
For eCommerce merchants, it is important to have social sharing buttons on their website so that their customers can share tour product and services with their friends.

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Re: Ways to make e-commerce site SEO friendly
« Reply #2 on: 07-21-2015, 05:16:05 »
Ecommerce is a wonderful platform which helsps the shoppers to perform online shopping easily. Few ways to make ecommerce site SEO friendly are:

1. Write the content in a general manner so that people understand it easily.
2. Use images related to the niche of your website so that people can get attracted towards it at their first visit only.
3. Make the website device responsive so that it can be accessed in laptops and smartphones easily.
4. Usage of different modules of the ecommerce software you are using can be helpful in making the site fully SEO friendly.

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Re: Ways to make e-commerce site SEO friendly
« Reply #3 on: 09-03-2015, 01:03:47 »
The product pages must have unique titles for a SEO-Friendly ecommerce cart. Sometimes, due to laziness or lack of SEO knowledge, page Titles are duplicated. This makes the task of search engines difficult resulting in lost opportunity in ranking high on search results. It’s important to have user friendly url’s which describe the product uniquely. 


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