What is Tired Link Building

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What is Tired Link Building
« on: 09-15-2016, 03:59:03 »
I like to get the detailed information about tired link building concept, whether it is playing an effective role in link building process? And at the same time I like to know whether it affects in rank.

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Re: What is Tired Link Building
« Reply #1 on: 09-21-2016, 00:05:51 »
Tiered link building has been loved by black hat SEOs since ages. It’s basically the process of building multiple tiers of links to a target site.

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Re: What is Tired Link Building
« Reply #2 on: 09-27-2016, 21:35:20 »
I can see reviews on his site for things like SENuke and many automated link building programs. He might know his stuff, without me looking into it further I couldn't tell you. However, any real SEO who is tried and tested will tell you to steer clear of methods that are automated. His site seems pretty honest though and it looks like he talks about varying methods of digital marketing.

Generally, if something is too good to be true then it usually is. Link building software is something I wouldn't touch personally.

There are a few methods of tiered link building. I'm not sure which one you are talking about in your question. Could you elaborate on the method?

If you are thinking about the generally accepted concept of tiered link building it would go something like this:

Tier 1: 10,000 links pointing to 10 websites

Tier 2: 10 websites pointing to 6 websites

Tier 3: 6 websites pointing to your main website

You can replace the amount of websites above with any you like but I entered 10 and 6 as just random numbers.

Can you confirm that this is your intention? If it is, don't do it. PLEASE! This is considered as evil spam by G.

Post Merge: 09-27-2016, 21:36:23

Tiered link building is among one of the most persistent and tenacious forms of gray/black hat SEO on the Internet. The core concept has been around for over a decade, and while it has had its ups and downs, it’s still potentially relevant today.

A Note of Caution
Before proceeding to read this article, be aware that the technique discussed is labeled, by Google, to be black hat. It’s a method for gaming the search engine rankings, and it exploits a fundamental flaw in the way Google’s algorithm indexes and ranks the web. As such, it’s at best a risky endeavor. You can achieve success using it, but that success by definition will be temporary; any Google update can remove the benefit you gained from performing tiered link building in the way it’s currently used. You will have to fight to maintain your position, as opposed to genuine white hat SEO. White hat work may take longer and may be more complex, but it’s significantly longer-lasting.

What is Tiered Link Building
To understand how tiered link building works, you first need to understand how links and PageRank affect search ranking.

Every website accumulates links coming in to each page and links leaving each page. Incoming links accumulate into a link profile, which is a snapshot of how the website in question interacts with other websites. The websites that link to a site give an idea of how valuable that site is. That’s why .gov links are so valuable; if a government resource trusts the site enough to link to it, it must have value. It’s also why spam links can drag a site down; if a spam site links to it, that link must have been purchases or otherwise put there in an attempt to make the site look valuable.

What-is-Tiered-Link-BuildingLink value is at the core of the Google algorithm. Links pass PageRank, or link juice, or domain authority, whatever name you want to use. Sites with a high PageRank pass more of it on to their destinations. Sites with a low PageRank or a PageRank flagged as spam can pass negative link juice.

The concept of tiered link building relies on value passed from one site to another, however miniscule that value.

If you want a site to rank, that site needs to have high quality links coming in. The goal of tiered link building is to control those links. But, to have high quality incoming links from sites you control, those sites need to be high quality. The trick to tiered link building is the realization that they don’t have to be as high a quality as the goal for your target site.

So you stretch it back. Your target site has 10 incoming links from high quality sites. Those 10 high quality sites each have 10 incoming links – or more – from medium quality sites. Those 100 or more medium quality sites have incoming links from low quality sites, on a third tier. These sites are created by the thousands automatically and would meet every definition of spam in the book, but that doesn’t matter. They pass a tiny amount of link juice, which is compounded in the tier two links, which is further compounded in the tier one links until it reaches your money site, where it has significant ranking power.

Compound those numbers and you have the foundation for a powerful ranked site. The idea is to filter the poor link juice from the robotic spam sites through tier after tier of better and better sites, until a quick look at your money site only sees high quality incoming links.

The Risks of Tiered Link Building
The problems with tiered link building all stem from Google, as is obvious. Tiered link building is artificially manipulating the search algorithm for your own benefit, which is directly violating Google’s ideals. Therefore, Google is always looking for ways to combat it.

Any time there’s an algorithm update, there’s a chance that some of your sites – or even a whole tier – will be hit and demoted. This demotes everything in the chain, removing the value of the links up the tier until the links to your money site are invalid. The worst part is, all Google needs to do is look a little wider. Instead of just examining your site and its incoming links, they look beyond and see the links coming in to that site, and those sites – essentially reverse-engineering your tiers. Since most of your sites are going to have identical WHOIS data or hidden data, Google can guess you’re trying something shady.
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Re: What is Tired Link Building
« Reply #3 on: 11-01-2016, 03:23:24 »
It is a unique approach to link building in which you essentially build backlinks to your backlinks. ... Over time your tier 1 backlinks will gain page rank and that link juice gets passed directly onto your site. You can then take this a step further and create a third tier of links to strengthen your second tier

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Re: What is Tired Link Building
« Reply #4 on: 11-22-2016, 04:29:13 »
It offers a colossal scope of advantages which can shield you from future Google Algorithm overhauls.
Many people are confounded by layered third party referencing so I needed to separate it well ordered.

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Re: What is Tired Link Building
« Reply #5 on: 11-30-2016, 00:12:55 »
For enhanced Google advancement here are spots you can construct back links The best substance from around the web on subjects you think about and should be a the commence that the more individuals that get a kick out of the chance to your site.


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