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Developer(s) MB Technologies Inc.
Written in AJAX
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris
Type Rich Internet Applications
License Proprietary EULA
Website MB Technologies

Bindows is a JavaScript based Software Development Kit (SDK) for writing Rich Internet Applications. Bindows applications are defined by XML documents called ADF's (Application Description File). The framework implementation is entirely client-side, but a JSF server side implementation is marketed by the same vendor[1].


Another meaning of Bindows

In Thailand, there is an operation system called "Bindows XD" which is not to be confused with this software. It is a fake Windows XP released early 2004 still in use as of 2009.


Some highlight features[2] of the Bindows SDK are:


It's been claimed that Bindows is probably the leading object-oriented platform for developing Ajax applications.[3] While this might be true for implementations in large enterprises(91 of the Fortune-100 Companies, according to the website[4]), many open-source AJAX frameworks are more widely spread.

Relevance to developers

Bindows is the underlying client technology used in System 9[2][5]



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