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File:Python logo.svg
Developer(s) Python Software Foundation
Stable release 3.1.1 / August 16, 2009; 142069216 ago
Written in C
Platform Cross-platform
Type Python Programming Language Interpreter
License Python Software Foundation License
Website Python.org
CPython is the default, most-widely used implementation of the Python programming language. It is written in C. In addition to CPython, there are two other production-quality Python implementations: Jython, written in Java, and IronPython, which is written for the Common Language Runtime, as well as several experimental implementations.[1]

CPython is a bytecode interpreter. It has a foreign function interface with several languages including C, in which one must explicitly write bindings in a language other than Python.


Supported platforms


Desktop OSes

Special and embedded

Mainframe and other

Previously supported platforms

PEP 11 lists platforms which are not supported in CPython by Python Software Foundation. These platforms can still be supported by external ports. See below.

  • DOS (unsupported since 2.0)
  • IRIX 4 (unsupported since 2.3)
  • Mac OS 9 (unsupported since 2.4)
  • MINIX (unsupported since 2.3)

External ports

These are ports not integrated to Python Software Foundation's official version of CPython, with links to its main development site. Ports often include additional modules for platform-specific functionalities, like graphics and sound API for PSP and SMS and camera API for S60.

Concurrency issues

The main issue of using CPython on a multiprocessor computer is the presence of a Global Interpreter Lock on each CPython interpreter process, which effectively disables concurrent Python threads within one process.[1] To be truly concurrent in multiprocessor environment, separate CPython interpreter processes have to be run, which makes establishing communication between them a difficult task. There is constant discussion whether to remove the GIL from CPython.[2]


  1. ^  Martelli, Alex (2006). Python in a Nutshell (2nd edition ed.). O'Reilly. pp. 5–7. ISBN 0-596-10046-9. 


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