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Cadweb Limited
Type Private
Founded File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg London, UK (1995)
Headquarters File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg London, UK
Key people Chris Newman,
Managing Director
Francis Newman,
Marketing Director
Owen Mostyn-Owen,
Non-Executive Director
Industry Computer software

Cadweb is an electronic project management system or project extranet based out of London, England founded in 1995. The last client-server version of Cadweb was released in 1999. A new web-based version named, created in 2001, is now used instead. The Extranet is used primarily in the construction industry to manage the exchange of project related drawings and documents. The information is recorded on a database and is therefore searchable in a variely of useful ways so users can find relevant information.

Depending upon the project between 6,000 and 8,000 individual items are published for every £(UK)1m that is spent on construction on the project (i.e., a project worth £(UK)10m which could reprisent a small 5 story office building, there would be between 60,000 and 80,000 files on the system by the end of the project.)

Cadweb is certified to the International Standard ISO 27001; a standard setting out the requirements for an Information Security Management System.

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