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Calenco XML CMS.
File:Logo calenco.png
Developer(s) NeoDoc
Stable release 1.0 / March 31, 2009; 373250042 ago
Written in Java and JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Type CMS
License AGPL

Calenco is an XML content management system that enables teams of writers, designers, to collaboratively produce rich documents like User Guides, Quality Procedures, Reference and Training Manuals, etc. Calenco is developed using Java technology.



Calenco was initially released in 2009 by NeoDoc, a company specialized in technical documentation, that developed Calenco internally for its own needs. Calenco is the successor of Borges that was initially developed at Mandriva.

Version 2.0 planned for the end of 2009 is a major rewrite based on a restful API.


Collaborative writing and translating of rich documents based on the XML format.


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