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In computer programming, CobolScript is a COBOL-based scripting language. CobolScript has syntax familiar to COBOL programmers and is used for data conversion, batch interfaces, and server-side scripting. It has versions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, SunOS and FreeBSD.

Matt Dean is one of CobolScript's creators.

Hello, world

The following program produces the HTML of a very simple web page, and can be run on a web server (standard output is redirected to the web browser).

      * "Hello world" program                                   
       DISPLAY `Content-type: text/html`.
       DISPLAY `<HTML><BODY>`.
       DISPLAY `<CENTER>Hello World</CENTER>`.
       DISPLAY `</BODY></HTML>`.

By default, CobolScript uses the grave accent to delimit strings (although this can be changed using command-line options).[1]

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  1. CobolScript reference manual, page 23, The CobolScript String Delimiter: “In CobolScript ... the default string delimiter is the Gravè accent”.

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