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Original author(s) Olivier Meunier
Initial release 2002 (2002)
Stable release 2.1.6 / 2009-10-1; 138056389 ago
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Blog publishing system
License GNU General Public License version 2

Dotclear is an open source blog publishing application distributed under GNU GPLv2. It is relatively popular in French speaking country, where it is used by several major blogging platforms. Developed originally by Olivier Meunier from 2002, Dotclear has now attracted a solid team of developers. The latest release of Dotclear is version 2.1.5, released on 5 February 2009.

Dotclear proposed aim is to develop a software fully respecting web standard based on open source solutions with a multilingual capability for publication and for the interface. It is written in PHP (working with version 5.0 or higher) and proposes a choice of databases (SQLite, PostgreSQL, ...).fr:Dotclear it:DotClear

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