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EGL (Enterprise Generation Language) is a high level, modern business oriented programming language, designed by IBM to be platform independent. EGL is similar in syntax to other common languages so it can be learned by application developers with similar previous programming background. EGL application development abstractions shield programmers from the technical interfaces of systems and middleware allowing them to focus on building business functionality. EGL applications and services are written, tested and debugged at the EGL source level, and once they are satisfactorily functionally tested they can be compiled into COBOL, Java, or JavaScript code to support deployment of business applications that can run in any of the following environments:


Web 2.0 with EGL

In December 2008, IBM introduced new technology, EGL Rich UI, to simplify the creation of Web 2.0-style Rich Internet Applications. This technology simplifies development by hiding the complexities of Ajax, JavaScript, Rest, and SOAP from the developer, which enables them to focus on the business requirement and not on the underlying technologies.

Commercial Products

EGL programming tools are available as an Eclipse-based commercial product, the Rational Business Developer and also in the EGL edition of Rational Developer for System z.

EGL is a target language for modernization of legacy applications because of the language semantics affinity with procedural languages and legacy 4th generation languages:

  • a set of conversion tools available within the Rational Business Developer product provide automated the conversion from older and stabilized IBM and Informix 4th generation languages
  • a set of IBM service offerings and complementary products (Rational Migration Extension for Natural, Rational Migration Extension for System i) provide the ability to convert from Software AG Natural and from IBM RPG to EGL
  • third party conversion tools and services help transform many other 4GLs to EGL

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