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Expression Language (EL) is a scripting language which allows access to Java components (JavaBeans) through JSP. Since JSP 2.0, it has been used inside JSP tags to separate Java code from JSP, and to allow easier access to Java components (than in Java code).

Evolution of EL occurred to make scripting easier for web-content designers who have little or practically no knowledge of the core Java Language. This scripting language makes JSP a scripting language in the true sense. Before EL, JSP consisted of some special tags like scriptlets, expressions etc within which Java code was written explicitly. With EL the web-content designer needs only to know how to make proper calls to core Java methods and can enjoy the true scripting flavour of a scripting language.

See also

  • OGNL- An open source expression language used by WebWork (and Struts2).
  • MVEL- Another open source EL used in many Java-based projects.

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