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G-java 2.x was a cross-platform game/software Java-based compiler for G-Creator. It has since dissolved into various projects such as Pineapple and Dolphin, although downloads for it are still around, but unsupported. It ran on and created software for any Java supported operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 95+, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and Sun Solaris. G-java is made up of two components: the IDE and the API, both of which were originally based on Game Maker but have since been modified and became more close to Java's API.


G-Java API

The G-java API is a java API for creating games and other software based on the Game Maker Language used in Game Maker. This allows Game Maker developers to quickly learn Java, while also giving Java programmers a lot of useful functions for game or software development. So far, the G-java API is still in an alpha stage, but the JavaDocs can already be viewed: G-java API javadoc


Originally G-java was a Game Maker to Java converter application written by TGMG(lead developer), IsmAvatar (optimization), and BZGaming (programmed some functions) in the Java programming language. It was first released in December 2004. It is designed to allow its users to easily develop multi-platform Java computer games without learning the Java language. However with the release of Game Maker 7 (G-java was at version 1.08 beta 8 and supported many of GM's features), Mark Overmars, the creator of Game Maker, made a public announcement that G-Java was now officially disallowed by the new GM7 license agreement: [1], and has also encrypted the GMK files (Game Maker 7's saved file) to discourage similar projects. Although Game Maker was originally freeware, it switched to shareware by version 5. Conversely, TGMG hopes to improve on Game maker by making G-java2 open source.

G-java used to use .gm6 files created in the Game Maker IDE, and converts them to .jar files which can be executed in any Java VM within most modern graphical web browsers. For experienced users, G-java contained a built-in scripting programming language called "EGML", or "Extended Game Maker Language". This allow users to create programs with Java functions not available in the Game Maker Language.

G-Java 2.0 was initially supposed to implement the NetBeans source-code to save some work. However, this proved to be extremely limited and too big.

G-Java 2.0 was then renamed to G-Creator, codenamed Aurora(Portuguese word for dawn), and started from the beginning - the core. G-java 2.0 became the main compiler of G-Creator, before both projects dissolved altogether.

G-Java and LateralGM

The G-Java project's ancestor, Dolphin, is currently being developed as a LateralGM plugin for the same purpose.

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