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GLBasic is a commercial BASIC programming language, that can compile to various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X as well as Handhelds like Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, Pocket PC, GP2X, GP2X Wiz and Pandora. The language is designed to be simple and intuitive.



GLBasic started as an interpreted Language with 2D commands but now uses the GCC compiler for many different platforms to achieve fast, native code results for various platforms. The GLBasic precompiler "GPC" converts the simple BASIC language into C++ code and compiles that later. Thus, the user can extend GLBasic using the INLINE command to mix C/C++ code directly with GLBasic source code. Due to this, GLBasic can easily access 3rd party dynamic libraries on all platforms. The GLBasic SDK came with an IDE, debugger and an engine built on OpenGL for the platforms Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. For the Handheld devices (Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, GP2X and GP2X Wiz) GLBasic uses its own close to hardware routines for fast graphics.



  • Extraordinarily easy programming language
  • Mixing Strings and Numbers
  • fast Dynamic Arrays
  • Native support for compressed Data Archives (Sound, Graphics and Data all in one encrypted file!)
  • Userdefined Types
  • Arrays of Types within Types
  • Path Finding Algorithm, in a single command
  • Extendable as you require through inline C/C++

3D Features

  • Complete 3D engine
  • Simple command set
  • Smooth 3D Animations
  • Loading and Saving user Defined Objects
  • Works with all Common 3D Formats (3ds, md2, md3, ac3d, blender, x)
  • Alpha Blending
  • Collision Detection
  • File Exporter for AC3D and Blender3D
  • Binary and ASCII file formats

PC-only Features

2D Features

  • Sprites, Rotating, Zooming, Blending
  • Basic Drawings (Polygons, Lines, Rectangles, Points)
  • Polygonal Sprites
  • Alpha Blending for Everything

Network Features

  • Berkeley sockets support
  • Tcp and Udp
  • Automatic host resolving
  • Player management functions
  • Simplified interface with messages


  • Cross Platform
  • Native platform Executables
  • No Runtime Files Required


  • Platform Native, Standard GUI
  • Syntax Formatting + Highlighting
  • Integrated and interactive help
  • Integrated Helper Tools (Keycodes, Font Generator, Calculator, ...)
  • Function and Include File Names are Conveniently Listed within the IDE for Easy Code Navigation
  • Support for Multiple Files within Projects
  • Project Wizards
  • Create HTML documentation directly from your code
  • Sharing GLBasic modules as read protected libraries

Sample code

Hello World

// this is a comment
// Print "Hello World" to the screen position 0,0 (top, left)
PRINT "Hello World", 0,0
// swap backbuffer and visible screen, prepare backbuffer for next rendering
// wait for a key to be pressed

See also

  • SDL-Basic A BASIC for GP2X, that is interpreted.
  • Fenix An interpreted language that is easier to learn than C++


  • This article is based on content taken from GP2X wiki, which is available under the terms of the GFDL.

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