Glow (JavaScript library)

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File:Glow logo.png
Developer(s) BBC
Stable release 1.7.0 / October 14, 2009; 137003033 ago
Written in JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform (JavaScript)
Type JavaScript library
License Apache License

Glow is an open-source JavaScript library created by the BBC. Development on Glow began in 2007[1], and it was publicly released under an Apache License in July 2009[2].

The rationale for the development of the library, as opposed to using other libraries such as JQuery or YUI, was to meet the BBC's stated targets for cross-browser compatibility. The library also contains a number of preconfigured widgets such as the timetable widget[3], that are of particular use in creating a website that uses data that corresponds to times, for example broadcast metadata.


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