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Headquarters Oakland, CA
Key people Pete Eakle
Chris Webster
Industry Computer software

JExamples is a web-based, source code search engine for the Java language. It provides the ability to search the JExamples database for Java examples. The JExamples database contains the source code of Java open source projects. The search engine understands the semantics of Java, so the search yields more accurate results than a text search. JExamples also provides the ability to rate examples and the highest rated examples are shown first.

Available since March, 2005, JExamples was the first public web site to allow searching of open source code.

Products & services

In addition to the web-based search engine, JExamples provides a plug-in for the firefox web browser.


  • List of search engines
  • The JExamples About page describes other advantages of JExamples compared to other source code search engines.

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