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JSAN, also known as the JavaScript Archive Network, is an on-line collaborative resource to develop Open Source libraries and software for JavaScript. JSAN's aim is to create the JavaScript equivalent of Perl' s CPAN. For example, the module Joose is an equivalent to the CPAN module Moose. In addition there is Test.Simple and other modules that are very similar to their Perl counterparts.



JSAN was created by Casey West in 2005. Due to social reasons Casey West left the project, the master website was lost so people couldn't upload modules, and for other reasons JSAN has had several limitations in its development, and it was considered "dead" for quite a while. On May of 2009, the site was revived and new modules started flowing in again.


JSAN works as a CPAN module, however, it is oudated and undeveloped because of the loss of Casey West's contributions. JSAN uses a nearly indentical testing system and directory structure to CPAN. Documentation is done in POD which is used in JavaScript comments, this documentation is then converted to HTML and other formats with Perl POD modules. Some of the newer techniques used in the JSAN are considered to be "test runs" for new features to be added to the design of the "6PAN", the CPAN upgrade to match the Perl 6 language.

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