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The JavaScript Data Components, or JSDC are open source libraries (GPL), made to give developers of dynamic web pages an easy and fast way of making their applications more powerful using datasets, master-detail relations, dataset-events, conditions and data-aware components. Implementing AJAX-technologies, it is able to connect to servers and download data from them.

These components are aimed to implement all the features necessary for a newbie (or former back-end programmer) to make an AJAX-implementation that looks professional while not having to be knowledgeable of the special behaviour of each browser in the market. It's like ZK but instead of JAVA only, it is Javascript only.

Notable features

Data-aware objects (GUI)

  • Treeview
  • Tableview with aggregates
  • Selectview



  • Can read data from csv-files
  • Propagates edits


  • Undo/redo history

Input validation

  • Data type based input validation

Plans for the future are a decompression algorithm and a PHP/ASP/Java stubs for remote database data-awareness.

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