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Network media (sometimes referred to as networked media) refers to media mainly used in computer networks such as the Internet.

Network media is essentially driven by technological development, emerging from the internet as a non-centralized medium in the late nineties, the term has more recently begun to be applied to both the arts and industry. The following features distinguish Network Media from classical media, such as broadcast media and the printed press:

  • Network Media is typically democratic and decentralized. The audience can also be the contributors.
  • Network Media often requires the involvement of computers as an input/output device.
  • Network media requires a community to participate and consume

With the rapidly increasing digital era, new aspects of digital networking are becoming more important. Essentially, network media is about co-operative/collaborative practice in which many can contribute to the production of "media".

The benefits of the development of inter-networking ultimately has allowed for greater political, social comment and discussion but is also widely thought of in a much broader context of globalisation and the fragmentation of the world.

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