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Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.
Founder(s) Timothy Tiah
Cheo Ming Shen
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Philippines, Melbourne, Penang
Area served Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia
Key people Timothy Tiah
Cheo Ming Shen
Industry Internet, Advertising, Blogging

Nuffnang is an online blog advertising community, with over 118,817 bloggers spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. Nuffnang had a total of 5,110,861,010 number of ad impressions served on the entire Nuffnang network just in the year 2009 itself [1].

Nuffnang is more than just a blog advertising company, Nuffnang has also created a blogging community among bloggers everywhere. Nuffnang also frequently hosts free movie screenings and events for bloggers and clients. In the year 2009, a total of 43 movies and 28 events were hosted by worldwide.[2]. Nuffnang bloggers will also automatically become Nuffnang Gliteratti members if they are known not to have any other SEA ad networks. [3] Nuffnang itself as a blogging community has a platform called Innit which works as a blog aggregator for Nuffnang Glitterati Bloggers. revolutionize the way Nuffnang community connects with each other by sharing topics, blog posts and able to increase each other blogs traffic. [4]

In conjunction of Nuffnang's 2nd anniversary, Nuffnang hosted the first regional blog awards ever in Singapore. Over 400 bloggers from Asia Pacific attended the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award. [5]

As of year 2010, Nuffnang has a total of 40 Nuffies (Nuffnang Staff) worldwide [6]. Currently, Nuffnang fanpage have approximately 10,000 over fans. [7]

On September 2009, Nuffnang Malaysia launched Project Alpha which is the first Malaysia online TV Show about bloggers.



Nuffnang was launched in February 2007 by Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam and Cheo Ming Shen. Nuffnang's online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or even video based advertisements onto more than 100,000 blogs. has offices in 4 different countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Melbourne since November 2008 [8]. Nuffnang bloggers are known as Nuffnangers. Nuffnang has been featured on mainstream newspapers like The Star, Malaysia[9] and The Sunday Times, Singapore[10] amongst other media.

Nuffnang Glitterati

Every Nuffnang Bloggers will be automatically included as Nuffnang Glitterati as long as the blog does not have any adverising network from South East Asia. Advertorial opportunities is also now given priority to Nuffnang Glitterati member first. Another benefit for Nufnang Glitterati member would be the Innit Nuffnang where bloggers can upload their blog posts. [11]

Innit Nuffnang

Innit Nuffnang works as a blog aggregator to all Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers. Nuffnang bloggers would be able to log in and post their personal blog post. Other Nuffnang bloggers would be able to view the blog post and 'Nang it' if they like the post or 'Dang it' if they do not like the post. Innit Nuffnang is also known for driving traffic to the blogger's blog too whenever a post is posted in Innit Nuffnang. Innit Nuffnang would also be able to show the Top 10 most popular blog posts. These blog posts are based on the numbers of Nang and Dang the bloggers get. Innit Nuffnang is also known for a place to share topic or interest for the bloggers.[12]


Nuffnang added, without prior notice, a $1 administrative fee on payments that was noted on the cashout page. The sudden introduction of this fee did not go down well with some bloggers.[13][14][15] Nuffnang has since responded with a brief breakdown of their operational costs,[16] as well as pointing out that their cashout threshold of $50 was lower than that of their competitors.[17]

Asia Pacific Blog Awards

Nuffnang hosted the first Asia Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore on October 2009. Over 400 bloggers were invited all over the region for this first regional red carpet event. There are 12 different categories for the Blog Awards. The 12 different categories are The Best Regional Blog, Best Hidden Gem, Most Influential Blog, Best Blog Shop, Best Geek Blog, Best Entertainment Blog, Best Celebrity Blog, Best Travel Blog, Best Parenting Blog, Best Fashion Blog, Best Food Blog, Best Original Blog Design. Any blogs within Asia Pacific are allowed to be nominated for the Blog Awards. [18]

Project Alpha

Project Alpha is Malaysia first online TV show about bloggers which is meant to create and increased recognition of bloggers. Project Alpha started airing on 18th September 2009. The online Tv show is hosted by Jojo Struys. The Season 1 of Project Alpha had been aired and can be view at Project Alpha site or website [19]


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