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An organic search engine is a manually operated search service which uses a combination of computer algorithims and human researchers to look up a search query. A search query submitted to an organic search engine is analysed by a human operator who researches the query then formats the response to the user.

Search engine queries are limited to searching for key words, which may result in many false positives. Organic search engines avoid this issue as a human researcher is able to interpret the intent of the query and reject the false positives. The human and software combination ensures the responses from an organic search engine are accurate to the intent of the queries, however due to this combination a delay is introduced in receiving the response.

The delay inherent in the design of organic search engines ultimately limits their application. Organic search engines are thus found where users are seeking a direct answer to a particular query and are prepared to either wait or even pay for the response. Premium organic search engines include the SMS query services such as Australia's 199query and United Kingdom's AQA which provide answers researched by human operators and charge for the response. Community organic search engines where query results are provided by humans include Sproose, Yahoo Answers, Answerly, Mahalo Answers and the now defunct NowNow from Amazon.

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