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Police blogs are a means for police officers from around the world to tell others about their work and way of life, often written in a sarcastic or ironic style.

The authors often retain anonymity to avoid affecting their ongoing cases. Most police services also have rules on blogging activities that might bring the organisation into disrepute.

It is usual for police bloggers to adopt a pseudonym, such as PC David Copperfield. He is believed to have created the first UK blog of its type, extracts from which were published in the book 'Wasting Police Time'. Subsequently a further book, 'Diary of An On Call Girl' has been published, based on the blog of PC Ellie Bloggs, and a further book is in production based on the blog of an Inspector Gadget.

A reasonably complete collection of police blogs can be found at Police Planet although it is a rapidly shifting scene with police bloggers coming and going often.

Official Police Blogs & New Media

Recently several police forces have been using new media channels to reach their customers. Some examples are:



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