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The term "postback" has two meanings, depending on context.

In the context of web development, a postback is another name for HTTP POST. In an interactive webpage, the contents of a form are sent to the server for processing some information. Afterwards, the server sends a new page back to the browser.

This is done to verify passwords for logging in, process an on-line order form, or other such tasks that a client computer cannot do on its own. This is not to be confused with refresh or back actions taken by the buttons on the browser.

This is common scene in enterprise application, the user submits a form for updating some information, then the server saves the information into the backend database, and forwards this page with the additional message, for example:'Data is saved, continue to process'. The original data still shows in the same page.

For this reason the above two actions do not satisfy the condition:

 If Page.IsPostBack

Secondarily, in the context of open source software, the term "postback" is often used to describe making your changes available in source code form. Many licenses require a postback to the original author or to the general public. Most such licenses require that this modified code be licensed under the terms of the original license.

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