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File:SableVM Logo.png
Developer(s) Sable Research Group
Stable release 1.13 / December 7, 2005; 476965119 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Java Virtual Machine
License GNU Lesser General Public License

SableVM is a clean room implementation of Java bytecode interpreter implementing the Java virtual machine specification, second edition.

SableVM was designed to be a robust, extremely portable, efficient, and fully specifications-compliant (JVM spec, Java Native Interface, Invocation interface, Debug interface, etc.) Java Virtual Machine that would be easy to maintain and to extend.


The core engine is an interpreter which uses state-of-the-art techniques to deliver performance that can approach that of a "naive" just-in-time (JIT) compiler, while retaining the software engineering advantages of interpreters: portability, maintainability and simplicity. This simplicity makes SableVM's source code very accessible and easy to understand for new users/programmers.

SableVM is Free Software — it is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). It also makes use of GNU Classpath (copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation FSF) which is licensed under the GNU General Public License with linking exception.

SableVM is the first open source virtual machine for Java to include the support for JVMDI (Java Virtual Machine Debugging Interface) and JDWP (Java Debug Wire Protocol).[citation needed] These standard Java debugging interfaces are used for example by Eclipse to provide a rich and user-friendly Java development environment.

SableVM, initiated by the Sable Research Group, is now being maintained by a team of loosely associated programmers.

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