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Usual file extensions .bas
Stable release 0.10.2 (source code/Windows)
0.10.3 (Linux)[1] (December 30, 2009; 341438723 ago[1])
Programming language BASIC
License GPL 2

SmallBASIC is a BASIC programming language dialect with interpreters released as free software under the GNU General Public License version 2. It is available for Linux, DOS, Win32, FLTK, VTOS, Franklin eBookMan, and Palm OS.[citation needed] As of 2 July 2009 (2009 -07-02), the latest source code and Windows executable versions are 0.10.2, and the latest Linux executable is version 0.10.3. Versions for other computing platforms are lower than 0.10.[1]



The dialect is described by the authors as a second generation BASIC, and has a lot in common with QBasic. It is a structured BASIC, and contains the most advanced math functions and operators found on graphing calculators such as matrices and Gauss-Jordan method.

Intended application

SmallBASIC was not designed to be an application development environment, but was instead designed to be a simple, lightweight environment for experimentation. The strong mathematical support and inclusion of high level graphics commands like "chart" (which draws an automatically scaled and labeled graph of an array) make it ideal for tasks that are too complex for a desk calculator, but don't require a full math package like Mathematica. That it runs on Palm OS devices, greatly expands its usefulness as a super calculator.


SmallBASIC was designed to run on minimal hardware. One of the primary platforms supported is Palm OS, where memory, CPU cycles, and screen space are limited. The SmallBASIC graphics engine can use ASCII graphics (similar to ASCII art) and therefore run many programs on pure text devices. SmallBASIC runs even on Palm OS wristwatches made by Fossil, Inc.. In addition to various hardware and operating systems, SmallBASIC is available on some platforms with different types of graphics support, including SDL, FLTK, SVGALib, Linux framebuffer, and Windows GUI.


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