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StepTalk is the official GNUstep scripting framework that represents separate scriptable servers or applications as a single object environment. It is meant to be independent of the programming language used; its default language is Smalltalk on top of the Objective-C runtime.

StepTalk was ported to Mac OS X.



The Goal of StepTalk is to provide an environment for gluing applications together and to provide a framework for communication between users and objects in the applications. Other major goals are:

  • simple and quick extensions of applications or tools
  • batch-processing of objects in applications or tools
  • fast prototyping of applications or new application features (play and tune a concept "online")

The default scripting language in StepTalk is Smalltalk. This is because Smalltalk is a very simple language and it is easy to learn. There are just a few basic principles that the user has to know to be able to use the language and it is close to the natural language. Smalltalk uses a similar approach to that of Objective-C, the language used in GNUstep itself.


StepTalk works on any platform that GNUstep works on. Ports to native Mac OS X Cocoa framework are being developed by various contributors.

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