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Tea is a high level scripting language for the Java environment. It combines features of Scheme, Tcl and Java.

  • Integrated support for all major programming paradigms.
    • Functional programming language.
    • Functions are first class objects.
    • Scheme-like closures are intrinsic to the language.
    • Support for object oriented programming.
  • Modular libraries with autoloading on demand facilities.
  • Large base of core functions and classes.
    • String and list processing.
    • Regular expressions.
    • File and network I/O.
    • Database access.
    • XML processing.
  • 100% Pure Java.
    • The Tea interpreter is implemented in Java.
    • Tea runs anywhere with a Java 1.6 JVM or higher.
    • Java reflection features allow the use of Java libraries directly from Tea code.
  • Intended to be easily extended in Java. For example, Tea supports relational database access through JDBC, regular expressions through GNU Regexp, and an XML parser through a SAX parser (XML4J for example).

Interpreter Alternatives

  • Tea is a proprietary language. Its interpreter is subject to a non-free license. On the other hand, a project called "destea", which released Language::Tea in CPAN, provides an alternative to the proprietary interpreter, by generating Java Code based on the Tea code.
  • There's an open source compiler, TeaClipse, that uses a JavaCC-generated parser to parse and then compile Tea source to the proprietary Tea bytecode. The author of TeaClipse has expressed interest in enhancing TeaClipse to produce Java bytecode.

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