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Ty Girlz are girl dolls manufactured by Ty Inc.[1]. Similar to the Ty Beanie Babies the Ty Girlz are on a limited release pattern with dolls being introduced and older ones retired at various times.[2] Ty Girlz are plush toys that are connected to an online virtual world[3] at TyGirlz.com. Introduced to the global market on April 13, 2007, Ty Girlz was the first virtual world targeted to girls when it launched.

Name Hair Color: Special Clothing Release Date Retired?
Lovely Lola Blonde Pink fur coat and belly shirt with heart April 2007 No
Sassy Star Blue White trimmed blue fur coat and belly shirt with star, pink or blue lips April 2007 Yes
Dazzlin' Destiny Orange Red Brown suede jacket and jeans April 2007 Yes
Rockin' Ruby Black Black latex jacket and pants with pink cat on pants leg April 2007 Yes
Sizzlin' Sue Pink Pink suede jacket and pink leopard skirt April 2007 No
Sizzlin' Sue Rainbow Special edition doll for Learning Express October 2007 No
Punky Penny Purple Purple jacket and skirt April 2007 No
Cute Candy Rainbow Denim jacket and pink plaid skirt July 2007 No
Pretty Patti Pink with pink highlights Pink jacket and pink skirt July 2007 No
Jammin' Jenna Brown with blonde highlights Red and white striped shirt and jeans July 2007 No
Classy Carla Gold Sparkle fur coat, black lace top and holographic pants July 2007 No
Bubbly Britney blonde Pink tank top and denim jeans based on Britney Spears. October 2007 No
Totally Trish purple White tee with beaded hearts, mini skirt and purple leather jacket October 2007 No
Supercool Serena black with hot pink streaks Pink crop top, silver and black animal print jacket October 2007 No
Lucky Lindsay brown with sun-colored streaks Fleece navy capris, pink hoodie with navy stripes October 2007 No
Precious Paris dirty blonde Pink leather jacket with a denim skirt, white boots January 2008 No
Cutie Cathy brown Black jacket over a white shirt, distressed jeans, red shoes January 2008 No
Happy Hillary blonde Grey sweatshirt with a pink shirt and pajama pants January 2008 No
Sweet Sammi orange-blonde Red-orange sweatshirt with brown capris January 2008 No
Awesome Ashley sandy blonde Pink polka dot shirt, denim skirt, black leggings July 2008 No
Trendy Taylor brown with pink streaks Green hoodie, hot pink sweats and flip flops July 2008 No
Preppy Paige brown Purple shirt with dog print, plaid skirt July 2008 No
Lovable Lily pink with blue streaks Silver striped hoodie, distressed blue jeans July 2008 No
Hip Hannah blond with black and pink streaks Black skull-print shirt, pink plaid skirt, knee-high socks October 2008 No
Marvelous Madison brown with blond steaks Blue thermal shirt, dark blue jeans, floral print fur boots October 2008 No
Exciting Emily reddish brown Lavender varsity tee, aqua sweatpants, grey gym shoes October 2008 No
Oo-LaLa Olivia blond with pink streaks Pink Eiffel tower tee, grey denim skirt, pink Ugg boots October 2008 No
Beautiful Brianna brown Argyle print shirt, blue twill skirt, blue and green flats January 2009 Yes
Lovely Lauren brown with pink streaks Pink and white striped shirt, skinny jeans, flower print shoes January 2009 No
Amazing Abby chocolate brown with bronze steaks Heather grey hoodie, pink plaid shorts, chestnut Uggs January 2009 Yes
Marvelous Mariah black Aqua shirt with butterflies, capri jeans with plaid cuffs January 2009 No
Kool Kayla blond Navy sporty tee, striped ruffle skirt, high sport socks, navy sneaks January 2009 No
Sweet Sydney black White and pink babydoll dress, aqua leggings, plaid sneakers January 2009 No
Joyful Justice brown peace shirt, black leggings, purple scarf, purple and white sneakers June 2009 No
Ty Girlz Clothing Accessories Description Release Date Retirement Date
Cool Preppy Khaki pants with a pink plaid belt, white collar shirt with a black vest, and a pink plaid bag February 2008 May 30, 2008
Fairy Princess purple dress with purple wings February 2008 May 30, 2008
Girlz Night Out pink ruffled dress with a white boa and silver clutch bag February 2008 May 30, 2008
Super Sporty white ski pants, blue and white striped shirt, and white ski vest February 2008 May 30, 2008
Uptown Girl denim skirt, green jacket, pink hat February 2008 May 30, 2008
Beach Bash hawaiian dress, green hoodie, hot pink tote bag July 2008 none
School Cool graphic tee, velour bag, denim skirt July 2008 none
Hangin' Out velour track suit, star printed duffle bag July 2008 none
Best Dressed red ruffle dress, black and white polka dot cardigan, black bag December 2008 none
Sweet Dreams Ice cream and candy themed pajamas, screen printed pillow December 2008 none
Cool-n-Cozy white hoodie, aqua corduroy pleated skirt, striped scarf December 2008 none


Rare Ty Girlz

Rare Ty Girlz are possible. Sassy Star mostly has blue lips, but can have pink lips. Rockin' Ruby has black hair, but can also have blonde hair. These are limited edition dolls, and both are retired. The other Ty Girlz have no special editions yet.

On October 5, Ty introduced a new version of Sizzlin' Sue. She had the same outfit but curly, rainbow hair like on Cute Candy. She was only available at the Learning Express.[4]

In October, the dolls were updated to allow them to be posed in different positions. There were also changes to the facial features of all the dolls.

Celebrity Ty Girlz?

There is a chance Rockin' Ruby was made to look like Avril Lavigne, in both forms. It is unknown if Bubbly Britney was named after Britney Spears or if Lucky Lindsay was named after Lindsay Lohan. More recently, Precious Paris has been said to look like Paris Hilton and that Happy Hillary looks like Hilary Duff. Also that Dazzlin' Destiny looks like Miley Cyrus since her real name is Destiny. Lovely Lola may be connected to Emily Osment since in Hannah Montana Emily's Character Lily's alter ego is called Lola and the doll looks like Lily. Awesome Ashley has been said to maybe look like Ashley Tisdale. Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia are also said to be named after President Obama's daughters. Although Ty has denied this, they have since renamed the dolls, due to constant public scrutiny.[5]


When the Ty Girlz were being debued at the Toy Fairs, Ty had many posters and cut-outs of the Girlz to promote them. Ty even had a billboard in Atlanta, Georgia showing Sizzlin' Sue saying "Who's that Girl?". That phrase soon became a popular tag for the line.

In September 2007, the Ty Girlz got a MySpace and YouTube page. They even opened a new website where Punky Penny gives updates with 'what's hot'.

On page 81 of the December 3, 2007 issue of People Magazine, there was an ad for the Girlz. It showed Cute Candy and Bubbly Britney along with an unannounced Ty Girl (the Girl has now been identified as Precious Paris). It shows them saying "Pssst....We've got a secret" and then "We're shopping in PARIS...and you can too !"

In the Spring 2008 Ty retailer catalog, retailers were able to purchase clothing made exclusively for Ty Girlz. It is uncertain yet if the clothing will "retire" as most Ty products did in the past.

Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia controversy

In January 2009, Ty released two new Ty Girlz, one named Sweet Sasha and the other named Marvelous Malia.[6] Media reports linked the names to Sasha and Malia Obama, daughters of President Barack Obama. On January 21, a Ty spokesperson told the Chicago Sun-Times that the Obama daughters were indeed the inspiration to the Ty CEO to make the dolls.[7] In response to the Beanie Babies, Michelle Obama's press secretary said that Ty did not ask permission to use the Obama daughters' first names,[8] saying "It is inappropriate to use young private citizens for marketing purposes."[6] On January 22, when asked whether the new Beanie Babies were inspired by Sasha and Malia Obama, Ty's Senior Vice President of Sales said that the dolls were not made to physically resemble either of the Obama daughters and that the names chosen "worked very well with the dolls".[6] Ty said that the process of naming dolls is proprietary information and would not say how the names were given to the dolls.[6] In February 2009, Ty decided to retire the original dolls[9] and give them new names, Marvelous Mariah and Sweet Sydney.[10] Warner says the original names were inspired by what he calls "this historic time in our nation's history," but the dolls weren't intended to bear the likeness of President Barack Obama's daughters. The CEO of Ty said the name change was due to Michelle Obama's disapproval of the original names.[10] Ty stated that while the original names were inspired by "this historic time in our nation's history", they were not named after the Obama daughters.[10] Ty promised to donate the profits from sales of the original dolls to a charity, the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation for youth education.[11] [12][13]"[14]. plus, t

Following the recall, dolls that had already been shipped to the marketplace sold on EBay for $3000[15].

Totally Troy

Ty is selling Totally Troy in Ty Stores online.


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