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Ubercode is a high level platform-sharing programming language designed by Ubercode Software and released in 2005 for Microsoft Windows. Ubercode is influenced by the Eiffel and BASIC. It has the following design goals:

  1. Compilable language - compiled into Windows EXE files.
  2. Automatic memory management - memory is allocated / freed automatically, and the language has no memory management primitives.
  3. Pre and post conditions - these are run-time assertions which are attached to function declarations, as in Eiffel.
  4. High-level data types - resizable arrays, lists and tables may contain arbitrary components.
  5. Integrated file handling - primitives for transparent handling of text, binary, CSV, XML and dBase files.
  6. Ease of use - language structure is relatively simple, making the language accessible to beginners.

Hello World

Here is the basic Hello world program:

  Ubercode 1 class Hello

  public function main()
    call Msgbox("Hello", "Hello World!")
  end function

  end class

Preconditions and Postconditions

Here is an example using pre- and postconditions. In the example, the IntToStr function validates its input as a string before converting it to an integer:

  Ubercode 1 class PrePost

  function IntToStr(in mystr:string[*] out value:integer)
  precond IsDigitStr(mystr)
    call Val(mystr, value)
  end function

  public function main()
    call Msgbox("OOP example", "IntToStr(10) = " + IntToStr("10"))
  end function

  end class

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