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Visual Bash describes an interactive script for Bash that uses a graphical user interface, or "GUI". They are used because bash does not have a native GUI of its own, and therefore provide an opportunity to take advantage of the more user-friendly aspects of graphical user interfaces, and combine this with the power and versatility of Bash.

Method for script production

The following method can be used to generate a visual bash application.

  1. You use a GUI designer, which is currently an unmodified version of Kommander, a KDE tool, to create the GUI.
  2. The message handlers in the Kommander GUI execute functions in a bash script.
  3. This uses functions in a bash script to execute the events like button clicks drop-down changes etc.
  4. The Bash script talks back to the controls on the GUI using command line messages which interact using DCOP protocol.

The script itself can be produced using a text editor.

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