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URL http://www.wepapers.com/
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Document sharing
Created by Hanan Weiskopf, Ehud Zamir
Launched November 2008
Current status Active

wePapers is a document-sharing website, geared mainly towards college and university students, although fully accessible by anyone. wePapers allows users to share and find documents within various academic fields.[1] wePapers also allows users and classes to create virtual communities. wePapers uses Adobe Flash technology to display documents from all major types (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice Documents, etc.) within the web browser, on the wePapers website. wePapers also allows users to embed documents on their own web pages, as well as download and print out the documents.

wePapers has received coverage on numerous blogs and newspapers around the world, such as The Hindu.[2] [3][4] [5]


The company was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs and students Hanan Weiskopf and Ehud Zamir, in October 2008. wePapers initially began as a blog which Weiskopf created for one of his classes.[6] wePapers.com launched later that year. wePapers was self-funded together with funding from angel investors in Israel and New York.[7]


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