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Website localization, which belongs to language localization, is the process of the adaptation of an existing website to local culture and language in target market. In the procedure of website localization, there are two important aspects involved, that is programming expertise and linguistic/cultural knowledge.

The prosperity of website localization is the result of the popularity of computer and internet users. Today, most people all over the world treat the internet as their first port of call for information, shopping and services. All of those people do not speak the same language. Business fully perceives the benefits of localizing company websites, so website localization become one of the primary tools for business global expansion.

Website Localization Process

Website localization is more than mere translation. Translating only solves partial language problems. According to "Golden View Localization" website localization service part, this kind of service also includes website structure localization, website content localization, website style localization and website SEO.

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