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This article is about Wedding Tickers for web pages. See also web widget.

A wedding ticker or wedding countdown is a web-based image or flash that updates automatically (usually daily) to count down to a user determined event or date such as a wedding, similar to the fundraising 'thermometers' that are often seen outside hospices and charitys.

Wedding ticker

With the boom in user-edited sites and social networking sites, people are very keen to show other people what is going on in their own lives outside of the internet.

Wedding tickers are an excellent way for users of sites such as MySpace and Facebook to count down the days until they get married.

A wedding ticker consists of two images 1) A background image 2) An icon which is moved (an appropriate amount) across the background image every day

Wedding Tickers can range in size depending on the amount of space that the user wants to dedicate to this dynamically created image.

Many people also embed these images into their forum signatures or profile pages.


An example of a countdown until Valentines Day:


An example of a 'Timer' style countdown until a wedding:

File:Wedding ticker.gif

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