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An edublog is a blog written by someone with a stake in education. Examples might include blogs written by or for teachers, blogs maintained for the purpose of classroom instruction, or blogs written about educational policy. The collection of these blogs is called the edublogosphere by some, in keeping with the larger blogosphere, although that label is not necessarily universally agreed upon. (Others refer to the community or collection of blogs and bloggers as the edusphere.) Similarly, educators who blog are sometimes called edubloggers. Communities of edubloggers occasionally gather for meetups or unconference sessions organized using a wiki at



The Wayback Machine records a webpage at as early as May 2001. Another early recorded use of the term "edublog" can be traced to a webring called the Edublog WebRing, founded on January 30, 2002.

The Edublog Awards, the international and community based awards programme for the use of blogs and social media to support education, runs annually online across a range of platforms. The Awards were founded by James N. Farmer in 2004, and are currently managed by Josie Fraser

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