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GMX-V (Global Information Management Metrics eXchange - Volume: Word and Character Count Standard) is a word and character count standard for electronic documents. GMX-V is developed and maintained by OSCAR[1] (Open Standards for Container/Content Allowing Re-use), a special interest group of LISA[2] (Localization Industry Standards Association).

GMX-V is one of the tripartite series of standards from the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA). GMX-V deals with electronic document metrics.

GMX is made up of the following standards:

  • GMX-V - Volume
  • GMX-C - Complexity
  • GMX-Q - Quality

GMX-V forms part of the Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization (OAXAL) reference architecture.


Scope and Primary Goal

GMX-V is designed to fulfill two primary roles:

  • Establish a verifiable way of calculating the primary word and character counts for a given electronic document.
  • Establish a specific XML vocabulary that enables the automatic exchange of metric data


GMX-V is itself based on other well established standards:

  • Unicode 5.0 normalized form
  • Unicode Technical Report 29 – Text Boundaries
  • OASIS XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) 1.2
  • LISA OSCAR Segmentation Rules Exchange (SRX) 2.0


  1. OSCAR - Open Standards for Container/Content Allowing Re-use
  2. LISA - Localization Industry Standards Association

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