Hackety Hack

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Hackety Hack
Developer(s) why the lucky stiff and 50 friends
Stable release 1.0
Operating system Windows, Linux
Website http://hacketyhack.net

Hackety Hack is a free Ruby-based environment aiming to make programming easily available to beginners, especially teenagers. Its driving force was an essay titled The Little Coder's Predicament written in 2003 by why the lucky stiff (AKA _why). It argued that programming isn't as readily available as it was in the Commodore 64 days, and that something should be done about it to help beginners tinker with their computers.

As _why writes in Hackety Hack's manifesto, the lack of any advancements in that area (even after great response to his essay) prompted him and a small group of friends to write their own take on how this effort to simplify the act of programming should be tackled. A seven lesson tutorial guides the newcomer through the basics, which involve simple activities like asking for a name and printing it out, and more complex ones like writing your own blogging engine and downloading files from the internet. Hackety Hack allows for seemingly difficult tasks to be performed with very few lines of readable code, which in turn give the newcomer a taste of how satisfying it is to build things.

Prior to his 7 March 2009 presentation at Art and Code on Hackety Hack, _why promised on the main site of Hackety Hack to release a new version after the talk, while the old version was made unavailable. This did not come to pass.

On 19 August 2009, the Hackety Hack website was taken offline along with much of _why's online presence. Currently, it is under development by a small team, which have released two small versions, 0.8 and 0.9. These have lacked proper packaging and documentation, and have been dubbed development releases, with 1.0 being targeted as the first public release.

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