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Keyinpedia(Simplified Chinese: 科印百科) is an online Chinese encyclopedia based in mainland China. It started operation in February, 2005. By November, 2006, keyinpedia contains 38,112 articles, many of which are the same as Wikipedia.

Being part of the website 科印网), which is under KeyinPrint Media, Keyinpedia is similar to Wikipedia, in terms of format and contents. Keyinpedia supports reading in four different Chinese written standards: Mainland Simplified Chinese, Taiwan Traditional Chinese, Singapore Simplified Chinese and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese.

Because of the Blocking of Wikipedia in mainland China, a few Chinese Internet companies have started to open Wikipedia-like Chinese language online encyclopedias. In April 2006, the search engine Baidu opened its own encyclopedia, known as Baidupedia or, more accurately, as Baidu Baike.

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