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Developer(s) Stickshift Software, LLC
Stable release 2.2.0 / August 18, 2009
Operating system Mac OS X Tiger or later.
Type E-mail client
License Freeware

Mailsmith (codenamed Bluto) is an email client made by Bare Bones Software, currently only available for Mac OS X. The first release of May 4, 1998 offered relatively advanced searching tools, such as grep pattern matching and fuzzy searching, with mail compose functionality similar to BBEdit, including support for BBEdit plugins.

Mailsmith provides support for filtering, automation, and text manipulation of e-mail messages using the POP/SMTP protocols. IMAP support is not provided.

On August 18, 2009, Bare Bones Software transferred ownership of Mailsmith to Stickshift Software, LLC[1] (created expressly for that purpose by Bare Bones Software founder and CEO Rich Siegel) who released Mailsmith 2.2.0 as freeware.


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