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Developer(s) Sun
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Widget library
License LGPL
Website swinglabs.dev.java.net

swingLabs is a Sun Open source project proposing extensions to the Java Swing GUI toolkit. Available components include:

  • Sorting, filtering, highlighting for tables, trees, and lists
  • Find/search
  • Auto-completion
  • Login/authentication framework
  • TreeTable component
  • Collapsible panel component
  • Date picker component
  • Tip-of-the-Day component

The aim of the project is to experiment new or enhanced GUI functionalities that are required by Rich client applications. It acts as a testbed for ideas related to client side technologies.


Integration into Java API

Successful project components are eventually incorporated into the core Swing toolkit for future Java versions, although API compatibility is not guaranteed. Examples of these are:


The project is distributed under a LGPL license.


The swingLabs project is divided into several sub-projects. For example :


  1. GroupLayout was initially developed in conjunction with Matisse, the GUI builder of NetBeans.

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