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CampusBuddy is an education-focused social web service that allows students see classmates online, share professor reviews, and access official school statistics. Regarding official statistics, CampusBuddy has an official grade database of over 80 million grades from 250 universities. This is considered a valuable resource by many students, as it allows students to get an objective idea of the difficulty of certain professors and courses before enrolling.

The website was launched in February 2008, by Mike Moradian, a UCLA alumni. Originally, it served as an academic service at 44 colleges within California, but has since expanded to include more than 5,000 college and 50,000 high school networks. [1]

The mission of CampusBuddy is to build a cohesive college networking platform, making the education process more public, transparent and accessible. [2]



Official Grade Distributions

One key differentiators of CampusBuddy is the website's extensive database of official grade distributions, totaling more than 80 million student grades at approximately 250 U.S. and Canadian Colleges.[3] Viewing grade histories for classes and professor provides an objective view of how difficult a prospective class or professor may be. [4] Official grade distributions have long been of interest to the student population, but due to the significant efforts needed to request, gather, and organize such official data from universities, such a database has never been created to this scale. [5]

Ratings and Reviews

Students on CampusBuddy can also write reviews of professors, academic departments, and their school in general. [6] Rating categories aim to capture meaningful data from the users.[7] For example, professor review categories include; Effectiveness, Difficulty, Concern for Student Learning, Fairness, and Availability outside of class. [8]

Facebook Integration

CampusBuddy is one of only 120 verified apps on Facebook. The CampusBuddy service is tightly integrated with the Facebook platform. [9] Users can log in using on the website using Facebook or can log in on Facebook using the CampusBuddy application.CampusBuddy lets students share their classes and weekly schedules with friends within their Facebook Profiles. Adding a CampusBuddy tab to the user's Facebook profile let's them easily share classes with their friends. For prospective college students, CampusBuddy has admissions info and school profiles for over 3,000 colleges.

University Pages

Campus Pages are the home pages for each school on CampusBuddy. The pages allow students to see students who attend the school, photos, school grading and admission statistic, a Question-and-Answer board for the campus, among other items. University pages are composed of official statistics and user-submitted data, however CampusBuddy allows universities to verify and run their own pages as well.


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