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Getting started

The first time you wish to add contents to the pages, you must choose a User name and log in.

There are no formalities involved - it is just nice to be able to identify your contributions and to be able to contact you in case of questions.

Help on editing and formatting an existing page

You will find detailed stepwise instructions on creating new pages just below. But the essential information for editing existing pages is the following:

Click the Edit tab in order to edit a page. From the edit window, you have the options to preview the page and to save it.

It is pretty simple to edit contents. Here is a tutorial on editing.

Here is access to a Help System concerning all aspects of wikis

A further option to get help is to look at the Community portal page and its associated discussion page.

Help on adding a new content pages

If you wish to create a new page, here is a short version of the recipe:

1. Click the Edit tab at the top of the existing page (the page from which you want to create a hyperlink to your new page). 2. In the text edit window that appears, find the correct place and insert a hyperlink to your new (non-existing) page. The basic hyperlink format is: [[New page title]] . Be sure to use double brackets as shown. This is the code for a link to another page within the Wiki. 3. Always do a preview of your edit. 4. When satisfied with your new link, save your changes to the existing page. 5. Now click on the link that you created. It should be red. If it is blue, then the page already exists! The click will bring you to the text edit window for the new page. Add the text you want, preview the new page, then save.

If you wish to prepare a draft version of your page before going public, or to see a more elaborate explanation of the steps involved, consult the page: Adding a new page - step by step description.

It is recommended to assign at least one Category to each page. The next section explains how.

Assigning categories to a page

Categories is a concept that helps users to find relevant information and navigate on the site. Preferably, one or more categories should be assigned to each page. The steps involved are as follows: At the bottom of your content, indicate the category to which your new page should belong by inserting a line with code such as this:

[[Category:Pet topic]]

or this:

[[Category:Model evaluation]]

or this:

[[Category:Dispersion models]]

To make assignment of categories easier, the page Help on Categories provides access to a list of the exact codes to be used (specifically for the Atmospheric Dispersion Wiki).

If you want your new page to appear in more than one category, add one line of code (such as the above) for each category. In the above code lines, you must enter the category names exactly as they are named, including which letters are capitalized and which are not capitalized, or the coding will not work.

  • You can find all guidelines about editing wiki sites on the original wikipedia site:

Help Contents

Wiki guidelines

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