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File:Hi5 logo.jpg
File:Hi5 screenshot.png
Screenshot of Hi5's home page
URL Hi5.com
Commercial? yes
Type of site Social Networking
Registration Required
Available language(s) Multilingual
Owner Sona Networks
Created by Ramu Yalamanchi
Launched June 27, 2003
Alexa rank 51[1]
Current status Active

Hi5 is a social networking website. The company was founded in 2003 by Ramu Yalamanchi who is also the current CEO.[2][3] As of January 2009, Hi5 claims to have over 60 million active members.[4]



In Hi5, users create an online profile in order to show information such as interests, age and hometown and upload user pictures where users can post comments. Hi5 also allows the user to create personal photo albums and set up a music player in the profile. Users can also send friend requests via e-mail to other users. When a person receives a friend request, he may accept or decline it, or block the user altogether. If the user accepts another user as a friend, the two will be connected directly or in the 1st degree. The user will then appear on the person's friend list and vice-versa.

Some users opt to make their profiles available for everyone on Hi5 to view. Other users exercise the option to make their profile viewable only to those people who are in their network. The network of friends consists of a user's direct friends (1st degree), the friends of those direct friends (2nd degree) and the friends of the friends of direct friends (3rd degree).[5]

Market share

According to comScore, in 2008 Hi5 was the third most popular social networking site in terms of monthly unique visitors.[6]

Although created and headquartered in the United States, it is more popular in other countries, particularly in Latin America, being ranked 37th in the world only among people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser [7] but only 84th in the US [8].



There have been phishing emails posing as invitations to Hi5.[9][10]


Hi5 has been using spam methods to gain more users. It sent an invitation e-mail to all your Gmail contacts if you weren't paying attention at the registration process.Template:Cn

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