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The Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0 was founded by Konrad Becker and Francisco de Sousa Webber in 1994 as an international competence platform for the critical use of information and communication technologies. Investigating the key issues of information societies, the multidisciplinary approach creates a network for research and mediation dealing with the profound change in the information sphere. Thus, the institute sees the networked exchange of knowledge and the free access to information and educational resources as important prerequisites for the future of democracy, culture and society.



World-Information Institute

World-Information Institute is an independent institution building bridges between research and transfer in the realms of innovation, digital culture technologies, and society. The documentation and processing of digital media technologies sheds light on the future perspectives of global developments and involves complex and heterogeneous information resources.

World-Information Institute forms part of an international network of partner institutions and experts in the fields of information and communication technologies and their social implications.

World-Information. Org

World-Information.Org is a trans-national cultural intelligence provider, a collaborative effort of artists, scientists and technicians. It is a practical example for a technical and contextual environment for cultural production and an independent platform of critical media intelligence.

World-Information. Org is an agent of digital democratisation and the pursuit of digital human rights. Enlightening the opportunities, challenges and risks of information and communication technology, World-Information. Org provides information necessary for a democratic development of society, culture and politics. Under the patronage of the UNESCO, World-Information. Org serves to meet the needs and expectations of citizens for high quality and accessible services of cultural information and content.

Public Netbase

Public Netbase was initiated by the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0 in the Vienna Museumsquartier in 1994 as a non-profit internet provider and a platform for the participatory use of information and communication technology. With its WWW-server as well as with its numerous workshops, instruction courses, and educational events for the broad public, Public Netbase contributed continually to the evolution of a lively internet scene and a heightened consciousness for the implications of the new communication and information technologies.

As a focal point of European and international art, culture, and media networks, the Viennese net culture institute attempted to develop an understanding for the manifold opportunities and the potential of new communication media, but also to look critically at a society that is increasingly determined by technology. was founded in 2002 by the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0 and was presented for the first time during the National Council elections in the same year. The online polling-booth sees itself as an instrument of political education, which encourages the users to deal with political content in a playful way and provides factual information and feedback opportunities.

Given the fact that increasing personalization nowadays replaces more and more the political content, considers the publication of all party-programs and their scientific contextualization as a fundamental tool for political participation as well as a revealing resource collection for personal reflection on the voting behavior.


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