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SQL:2003 is the fifth revision of the SQL database query language. The latest revision of the standard is SQL:2008.



The SQL:2003 standard makes minor modifications to all parts of SQL:1999 (also known as SQL3), and officially introduces a few new features such as:[1]

  • XML-related features (SQL/XML)
  • Window functions
  • the sequence generator, which allows standardized sequences
  • two new column types: auto-generated values and identity-columns
  • the new MERGE statement
  • extensions to the CREATE TABLE statement, to allow "CREATE TABLE AS" and "CREATE TABLE LIKE"
  • removal of the poorly-implemented "BIT" and "BIT VARYING" data types

Documentation availability

The SQL standard is not freely available. SQL:2003 may be purchased from ISO or ANSI. A late draft is available as a zip archive from Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation. The zip archive contains a number of PDF files that define the parts of the SQL:2003 specification.


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