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Stile Project is a website founded by a Canadian writer and webmaster Jonathan Biderman[1][2][3] who writes under the alias Jay Stile. Stile Project has grown into a large network of counter-culture, amateur adult entertainment and current-events sites, forums, and more, collectively called stileNET.



Stile Project won Webby Awards in 2000 for Weird site and People's Voice winner.[4]


As the site has evolved, the Stile Project's contents have grown increasingly pornographic. Stile used to post several times a day, though that has not been the trend for several years now. Stile still occasionally writes blog entries, features counter-culture writers, and posts non-pornographic images and videos.

Some content has been criticized for its shock value. Particularly, a video showing a Korean man killing, cooking, and eating a kitten was highly publicized and denounced. Wired referred to the website as a "shock site" in a 2001 article.[5]


  • Stile is a former member of the underground art scene groups ACiD and iCE. His specialty was designing ANSI logos for art group projects and bulletin board systems in the early 1990s.[6]
  • Stile used to be a SysOp of several BBSs back in the early 1990s that he ran from his home as a teen.

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