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Type of site Social content website
Registration Free
Owner Antigravity, LLC.
Created by Temi Kolawole
Launched May 13, 2007

Sturvs is a Nigerian social bookmarking website where users can share news articles, music, videos and any other form of web content. It is a web 2.0 sharing and voting website that runs in a social and democratic manner, similar to popular website Digg[1], but for Nigerians[2]. Users are given the ability to vote on stories submitted by other users, and the stories with the highest votes make it to the front page. The word "sturvs" is a nigerian slang for "stuff", so basically it is just a place for Nigerians to view and share all their internet stuff.

The website was the first Nigerian social bookmarking website [3][4] and one of the first in Africa[5].

The website has a Facebook application, which was also the first ever Nigerian Facebook application. Another one of Sturvs' services is a search engine[6] (still in beta mode) which was launched in June 2008 and is geared towards finding search results related to Nigeria.


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