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Original author(s) Jim Keller
Stable release 1.3 / January 2, 2009; 161626813 ago[1]
Preview release 2.0 / February 15, 2009; 157825213 ago[1]
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web application framework
License BSD License[2]
Website http://www.phpfuse.net

FUSE is a PHP framework created by Jim Keller that uses Model-view-controller architecture along with Object-relational mapping Data Modeling concepts to provide tools for rapid PHP development.



FUSE was developed in response to the need for a powerful but simple framework for PHP that included concepts from the increasingly popular MVC framework Ruby on Rails. FUSE endeavors to be adaptable and scalable while still providing minimal barrier of entry for PHP developers looking for an introduction to MVC development.


  • Object Relational Mapping / ActiveRecord
  • Fully featured templating system
  • Builtin User object with granular ACL capabilities
  • URI Router removes the need for ugly URIs and often eliminates the need for query strings
  • Database abstraction layer (FuseDB) allows for portability among different database systems
  • FuseBRIJ object allows PHP functions to be executed directly from Javascript, providing AJAX functionality
  • Photo Album object allows simple management of photos alongside data
  • Configuration manager for easily deploying separate environments (development, staging, production)
  • Additional Features (See External Links for FUSE website)

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