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Google Profiles
Commercial? Free
Type of site Social Networking Element
Registration OpenID
Created by Google, Inc
Current status Publicly Available

A Google profile is simply how you present yourself on Google products to other Google users. It allows you to control how you appear on Google and tell others a bit more about who you are. With a Google profile, you can easily share your web content on one central location. You can include, for example, links to your blog, online photos, and other profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. You have control over what others see.

Creating and publishing personal Google Profile

If you've been writing reviews on Google Maps, creating articles on Google Knol, sharing Google Reader items, or adding books to your Google Book Search library, you may already have a profile.

You can also allow people to find you or by enabling your profile to be searched in Google Search or by publishing your profile link on website/blog.

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