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Template:References Link love is a term used in the fields of search engine optimization and blogging to describe the effect that web pages rank better when they have more and higher quality links pointing at them. Google's PageRank algorithm was the first to measure link love and use the resulting value to rank web pages. Link love is a generic term that is analogous to PageRank.



Within the blogosphere there are situations where bloggers are expected to link to each others posts. For instance, if one blogger uses ideas presented first by another, it is customary to cite and link to the earlier post so that the original author receives more visitors through the link and through better search rankings[1].

Paying for love

Google has stated that purchase of links violates their quality guidelines[2]. Webmasters who sell link love may find that Google sandboxes them. In spite of this advice from Google, some webmasters and consultants engage in gray or black market sales of links.


In June 2009 Google announced that it was planning on making the internet faster with a shift from its traditional emphasis on links the term Link Love although still applicable is being superseded in internet marketing circles by the term Google Love[3], a term that not only incorporates Link Love, but also user experience (through well coded and fast websites)[4], as well as search wiki SERP manipulation.


HubSpoter Rebecca Corliss has satirized webmaster's obsession with link love in her music video of the same name[5]


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